How to Get the Smell Out of the Washing Machine

How to Get the Smell Out of the Washing Machine

How to Get the Smell Out of the Washing Machine

Are you tired of battling with your washing machine every time you do a load of laundry? We understand your pain! Nothing can ruin the freshness of clean clothes like a musty or moldy smell coming from your appliances. But don’t worry – this is an issue that can be easily addressed, and in this blog post we’ll show you how to get the smell out of the washing machine and keep it smelling great! Keep reading to discover our tips on cleaning up any stinky situation in no time flat.

How to Get the Smell Out of the Washing Machine

Empty the washing machine: Remove any clothes or items from the washing machine drum.

Clean the detergent drawer: Take out the detergent drawer (if applicable) and wash it thoroughly with warm water and mild soap. Dry it completely before placing it back in the machine.

Wipe down the drum and door seal: Use a damp cloth soaked in a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar to wipe down the inside of the drum and the rubber door seal. Pay special attention to any visible dirt, grime, or mold.

Clean the filter: Locate and remove the machine’s filter (typically found at the bottom front of the machine). Rinse it under running water to remove any trapped debris. If necessary, use a soft brush to scrub away stubborn residues.

Run a cleaning cycle: If your machine has a self-cleaning cycle, activate it following the manufacturer’s instructions. This will help sanitize the machine and eliminate any remaining smells.

How to Get the Smell Out of the Washing Machine

Use vinegar or baking soda: As an alternative to a self-cleaning cycle, you can add one cup of vinegar or baking soda to a hot water cycle. This will help neutralize odors and clean the machine.

Air-dry the drum: After completing the cleaning process, leave the washing machine door open to allow the drum to air-dry completely. This will help prevent the growth of mold or mildew.

Regular maintenance: To prevent odors from returning, consider incorporating regular maintenance tasks, like wiping down the drum and door seal and cleaning the filter, into your cleaning routine.

Tips to Help Prevent Washing Machine Odors

Regular Cleaning: Clean the washing machine regularly to remove any buildup of dirt, soap residue, and bacteria. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning, or use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda for a natural cleaning solution.

Leave the Door Open: After each wash cycle, leave the washing machine door open for some time to allow air circulation. This helps to prevent moisture buildup and mildew growth, which can cause unpleasant odors.

Check for Clogs: Periodically check and clean the drain filter and detergent dispenser to ensure they are free from clogs and buildup. This will help to prevent any stagnant water or residue from causing odors.

Use the Right Detergent: Use a detergent specifically designed for washing machines. Avoid using too much detergent, as excess soap residue can lead to foul smells. For particularly smelly laundry, consider using odor-eliminating laundry boosters or adding vinegar to the wash cycle.

Clean the Rubber Seal: The rubber seal around the door can trap moisture and debris, leading to odors over time. Regularly wipe down the seal with a damp cloth and mild detergent to keep it clean and free from buildup.

How to Get the Smell Out of the Washing Machine

To summarize, we have provided you with a few tips on how to get the smell out of your washing machine. We recommend that you start by first giving your washer a good clean and using a vinegar solution to eliminate any bacteria in the system.

If these methods do not work for your problem, you may want to take further steps such as installing a water filtration system or replacing the outer rubber seal at the bottom of the washer. Now that you know how to get the smell out of your washing machine, it’s time to give it a try! Make sure to follow all safety procedures and instructions when performing any maintenance, and don’t forget to add fabric softener every once in a while for added freshness.

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